If a website is not indexed then it will not show up in the search results. Unless your website has engaged in shady business tactics, for example trying to cheat its way to the top of the search results, then it is likely that your website is already indexed in all of the major search engines. However, you may have content (inner pages) on your website that does not get indexed by the search engines. This can be done either through choice, i.e. you insert a specific piece of code that tells the spiders not to crawl a specific page, or it could be because the page could not be found by the spiders. Linking to that page, either by internal website links or through external websites will usually help the spiders to find that page and index it. The major search engines are constantly indexing hundreds of millions of web pages. They determine what is shown in the SERPs (search engine results pages) when you enter a search query by looking broadly at two main areas.

1. The content on your website – this is referred to as ‘On Page SEO’

2. Who is linking to your website – this is referred to as ‘Off Page SEO’.

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